Vascular Education Evening – Ballina

North Coast Vascular, Medtronic and BARD hosted another valuable Vascular Education Evening in Ballina on Thursday, 27th July 2017 for GPs and Practice Nurses at The Point Restaurant (Ramada, Ballina).

An amazing dinner, catch up and valuable education was enjoyed by all attendees. Information sessions were conducted by Dr Deepak Williams, Christine Kemp, Alex Rosewarne (Medtronic) and Annie McKenzie (BARD).  

Attendees received educational tools for vascular health for their patients and also what to look for in chronic wound patients. GPs and Practice Nurses were able to get a good understanding and hands on approach of what their vascular intervention devices can do in the treatment of patients with vascular disease. Many of these products are used by Dr Williams on our patients for angiograms and angioplasties and GPs were also able to see and hear about the latest devices for AAAs repairs.

Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive and the valuable education session is well received with many of the ideas and solutions that can be put into place to assist patients with their Vascular health.

We thank those that attended and it was great to meet you all and share a little of what Vascular health can do for our patients.

A special “Thank you” to Alex (Medtronic) and Annie (BARD) as their companies sponsored the evening.

We look forward to putting together another evening of Vascular Education in the next little while.